Latest Activities


Nuns Science Leadership – Launch of 1st Leadership Cohort

We proudly launched our first cohort of nuns science leaders! The inaugural institute (September 3 to 20) saw participation from 33 nuns from 5 different nunneries (Dolmaling, Geden Choeling, Jamyang Choeling, Jamseling, Janchup Choeling).

10-Day Introductory Science Workshop at Kopan Nunnery

A 10-day intensive introductory workshop on the science of life reached 40 scholarly nuns, all philosophy students at Kopan Nunnery. The purpose of the workshop was to help introduce basic principles of science and how it can help us understand nature.

Developing a New Alzheimer’s Study in Mundgod

Monastery leaders in Mundgod (South, India) met with researchers to discuss a new study of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias and possible connections to cognitive practices among Tibetan Buddhist.