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Science Leadership for Nuns
A new three year leadership training aimed to develop new science education opportunities with a community of 33 nuns from 5 different nunneries.
“There are interesting differences and similarities in science and Buddhism. For example, a similarity is the concept of interdependence among all organisms and a difference is that science claims that mental functions are carried out by the nervous system.”
- 2017 Participant
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Sager Science Center Leaders
Since 2008, has trained cohorts of monks and nuns to have a deeper relationship with science, and new skills to communicate and teach about science, and the connections between science and Buddhism.
“One of the important purposes of being a monk is sharing knowledge about the world with others. The Leadership Institute teaches us the skills to be able to do that.”
-- 3rd Cohort
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Bhutan Science Leadership
A new initiative to train monastic teacher-leaders to bring enriching engagement between science and Buddhism to their community.
“Like milk and sugar to coffee, science brings taste to Buddhism. And it improves our teaching skills. And makes us better teachers for the next generation.”
-- 2019 Participant
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Leadership Programs



Monastic Graduates Course: (2011-2018)

A 4-week intensive introductory science course offered to senior monastics, and educational leaders in the monastic community.

Science Workshops : (2000-2007)

An historic pilot program and represent the first formal teachings of science within the history of Tibetan Buddhism. Nine 4-week intensive science workshops were successfully implemented.