The conference series brings together Buddhist scholars, Western scientists, and Indian scientists into dialogue about topics of mutual common interest, promoting dialogue that probes the interface of spiritual values and scientific understanding. Building upon His Holiness’s long-term interest in engaging scientists in dialogue, each 3-day public conference extends the conversation between Buddhism and science to new audiences within the Tibetan monastic community.

A universe that stretches thousands times further than we can see, the possibilities of the multiverse, exoplanets and for life afar, all emerged as real scientific possibilities in recent decades. At our inner frontiers, the findings of neuroscience bring new light to the notions of consciousness and moral sensibility. These two strands, cosmos and consciousness, are closer linked than they may first appear. The role of the brain may be paramount for understanding the universe, the universe within, and how we shape our actions as individuals and as a species.

 Observation and Reality

Cosmology & Consciousness VII  (2018)

This conference, a 3-day cross-cultural exchange, brings together internationally based scientists in dialogue with 30 Buddhist monastic scholars.  (more..)

Compassion, Virtue and Character

Cosmology & Consciousness VI  (2017)

This conference, a 3-day cross-cultural exchange, brings together Indian and US based scientists in dialogue with 26 senior Tibetan Buddhist nuns. (more..)

Regulating & Transforming Emotions

Cosmology & Consciousness V  (2016)

Each of us in our pursuit of happiness seek to cultivate experiences where we derive pleasure and avoid those that lead to suffering. (more..)

Emptiness & Quantum Mechanics

Cosmology & Consciousness IV (2015)

The Buddhists reason that in our process of observation we habitually designate properties onto object, and then take those properties to be real and independent of our designation. (more..)

Harmony & Happiness

Cosmology & Consciousness III (2014)

What are the conditions and forces that drive balance, harmony, and well-being? How are these understood across the sciences and Buddhist traditions? (more..)

Knowing & Action

Cosmology & Consciousness II (2013)

How do we know? How do we extend our knowing? How do we act? (more..)

Mind & Matter

Cosmology & Consciousness I (2011)

Perspectives on life and consciousness in the universe. What are the limits of consciousness and under what conditions can life flourish? (more..)