Biology and Life

GesheDialoguesWorkshop_1What is life? These classes will explore the living world around us and connections between light and life – how the energy we receive from the sun supports all life on earth. The course will also support the monastic graduates capacity to engage biological sciences, namely neuroscience. By providing a basic foundation of biology and chemistry needed to understand fundamental principles of cell biology, the course will address the question, what is a cell? (1) Beginning with the concept of atoms, chemical bonds, and molecules. (2) Structure of a cell, focusing on membrane structure (phospholipid bilayers), how do cells stay together? (3) Genetics, DNA – the code the cell needs to build itself, stability of information that passed on from one cell to the next, how do cells replicate? (4) Cell function – what do different cells do?

Teaching Slides (Power Point)

Barry Bruce Presentations

  1. 1. Cellular Basis of Life
  2. 2. Central Dogma of Biology
  3. 3. Molecules of Life
  4. 4. Properties of Earth for Life
  5. 5. Uniqueness of Water for Life
  6. 6. What is Life?
  7. 7. Micro-Life Around You

Hands-on Activities

  1. 1. The Naked Egg (2 pages)