Teacher Fellowship Program

The ten-day Teacher Fellowship Program commenced from 15th January to 25th January in Sera Mey, Bylakuppe and the fellowship currently supports the cohort of 12 laity participants and all of whom are active science teachers in different monastic setting.
The fellowship intends to support these teachers in their efforts to take the lead in advancing education. Through this project, the participants are inspired to rethink the possibilities of teaching and learning in their classrooms by attending classes taught by renowned teachers from different places.

2023-2024 Fellows

Samdup DolmaJangchup Choeling Nunnery, Mundgod
Tashi LhamoDrepung Loseling, Mundgod
Dhundup WangmoDrepung Loseling, Mundgod
Tenzin TenkyongSera Mey, Bylakuppe
Chemi DorjeeSera Mey, Bylakuppe
Tenzin SonamTashi Lhunpo, Bylakuppe
Ngawang JorgyalGaden Shartse,Mundgod
Dorjee SangpoGaden Shartse,Mundgod
Tenzin PhuntsokSera Jey, Bylakuppe
Tenzin JangchupSera Jey, Bylakuppe
Tenzin TsondueRato Monastery, Mundgod
Tenzin NgodupLadakh

Winter Meeting
Sera Mey Science Center
January 15 to 25, 2023

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Faculty – Mentor:
Jamyang Gyaltsen –  An education specialist

The Teacher Fellowship Program currently supports a cohort of 8 laity and monastic teachers, all of whom are active teachers in different monastic settings. Launched in 2019, the fellowship supports these teachers to become leading agents of educational improvement. Through a small stipend, master classes with acclaimed school teachers from the USA, onsite mentorship visits, and a peer community of their fellows, each fellow can re-imagine the possibilities of teaching and learning in their classroom. During their fellowship year, the fellows will film each other practicing new teaching strategies, write about successful lessons, share dilemmas, and mentor one-another.

2019-2020 Fellows

DawaChokyi Gyatso Institute, Bhutan
Tenzing RabgaDrepung Gomang, India
Tenzin NgawangDrepung Loseling, India
Chemi DorjeeSer Mey, India
Tenzin PhuntsokSera Jey, India
Tenzin YangzomJangchup Choeling Nunnery, India
Lobsang NgodupGaden Jangtse, India
Ngawang JorgyalGaden Shartse, India

Summer Meeting
Gaden Shartse Science Center
August 2 to 7, 2019

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Faculty – Mentor:
Scott Stambach –  Cuyamaca College, San Diego CA

Winter Meeting
January 11 to 13, 2020

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