Exhibitions & Dialogues



Interactive exhibitions share the monastic science leaders’ perspective on topics salient to the intersection of Buddhism and Western science. The exhibitions are created by the monastic science leaders working with museum professionals from the Smithsonian Institution and the Exploratorium.

The Secrets of Particles
New: Fall, 2020

“At its root, the philosophical problem confronting physics in the wake of quantum mechanics is whether the very notion of reality – defined in terms of essentially real constituents of matter – is tenable. What the Buddhist philosophy of emptiness can offer is a coherent model of understanding reality that is non-essentialist.”

H.H. The 14th Dalai Lama


My Earth, My Responsibility
2015 – Present

Collaborative perspectives of modern and Buddhist science on climate change – our shared responsibility.

The exhibition was created by the 2nd cohort of Sager Science Leadership under the guidance of staff members from the The Smithsonian Center for Learning and Digital Access. (more..)


World of Your Senses
2010 – Present

Parallel perspectives from Buddhism and Western science on sensory perception.

The exhibit script, content, and imagery were envisioned by the 1st cohort of the Sager Science Leadership Institute. (more..)

First Science Exhibition

An interactive exhibition focused on six questions of common interest to both Buddhism and science.

Created by the 1st cohort of the Sager Science Leadership Institute, the exhibition coincides with the year-long commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Tibetan peoples’ uprising and the arrival of the Tibetan people and establishment of the Tibetan government in exile. (more..)


Starting in 2011, the Cosmology and Consciousness Conference series has brought Buddhist scholars and Western and Indian scientists together into dialogue about topics of mutual common interest. These three-day dialogues probe the interface of spiritual values and scientific understanding. Building upon His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s long-term interest in engaging scientists in dialogue, each public conference extends the conversation between Buddhism and science to new audiences within the Tibetan monastic community.

Observation and Reality

Cosmology & Consciousness VII (2018)

This conference, a 3-day cross-cultural exchange, brings together internationally based scientists in dialogue with 30 Buddhist monastic scholars. (more..)

Compassion, Virtue and Character

Cosmology & Consciousness VI (2017)

How do we develop habits that promote behavior that is increasingly compassionate, virtuous, and promote pro-social character. (more..)

Regulating & Transforming Emotions

Cosmology & Consciousness V (2016)

Each of us in our pursuit of happiness seek to cultivate experiences where we derive pleasure and avoid those that lead to suffering. (more..)

Emptiness & Quantum Mechanics

Cosmology & Consciousness IV (2015)

How do Buddhist theories of interdependent origination intersect with quantum mechanics.  (more..)

Harmony & Happiness

Cosmology & Consciousness III (2014)

What are the conditions and forces that drive balance, harmony, and well-being? How are these understood across the sciences and Buddhist traditions? (more..)

Knowing & Action

Cosmology & Consciousness II (2013)

How do we know? How do we extend our knowing? How do we act? (more..)

Mind & Matter

Cosmology & Consciousness I (2011)

Perspectives on life and consciousness in the universe. What are the limits of consciousness and under what conditions can life flourish? (more..)