East-West Dialogues

Starting in 2011, the Cosmology and Consciousness Conference series has brought Buddhist scholars, and Western and Indian scientists together into dialogue about topics of mutual common interest. These 3-day dialogues probe the interface of spiritual values and scientific understanding. Building upon His Holiness’s long-term interest in engaging scientists in dialogue, each public conference extends the conversation between Buddhism and science to new audiences within the Tibetan monastic community.

 Observation and Reality

Cosmology & Consciousness VII  (2018)

This conference, a 3-day cross-cultural exchange, brings together internationally based scientists in dialogue with 30 Buddhist monastic scholars.  (more..)

Compassion, Virtue and Character

Cosmology & Consciousness VI  (2017)

How do we develop habits that promote behavior that is increasingly compassionate, virtuous, and promote pro-social character. (more..)

Regulating & Transforming Emotions

Cosmology & Consciousness V  (2016)

Each of us in our pursuit of happiness seek to cultivate experiences where we derive pleasure and avoid those that lead to suffering. (more..)

Emptiness & Quantum Mechanics

Cosmology & Consciousness IV (2015)

How do buddhist theories of interdependent origination intersect with quantum mechanics. (more..)

Harmony & Happiness

Cosmology & Consciousness III (2014)

What are the conditions and forces that drive balance, harmony, and well-being? How are these understood across the sciences and Buddhist traditions? (more..)

Knowing & Action

Cosmology & Consciousness II (2013)

How do we know? How do we extend our knowing? How do we act? (more..)

Mind & Matter

Cosmology & Consciousness I (2011)

Perspectives on life and consciousness in the universe. What are the limits of consciousness and under what conditions can life flourish? (more..)