Gomang Exhibition and Dialogue on Environment, Science and Buddhism

(December 26, 2019)

A self-selected team of monks studying science through the Gomang science center put on an exhibition on the environment. The home-grown exhibits explored scales from particles to ecosystems, to earth systems, and climate change. The conference included short-presentations, panel discussion and responses to some of the many questions submitted in writing from the audience. Topics were self-selected by the monk-presenters. Presenters were all volunteers, self-identified monks that are taking one of the six years/levels of science classes offered through the Gomang Science Center. The chosen conference topics included atoms, brain formation, neurotransmitters, quantum physics, evolution, and ecology. The conference was attended mostly by monks that were also taking the same regular science classes. Between 150 and 250 monks attended each evening. The abbot of Drepung Gomang and several senior monastics attended (one of the two evenings).