Mentorship – Jangchup Choeling Nunnery

(December 1 to 8, 2019)

A one-week mentorship visit focused on supporting the leaders and science students (nuns) at the new science center at Jangchup Choelling nunnery, Mundgod. Although these nuns have had opportunities to attend several science workshops, they remarked that it was rare for a Western scientist to stay with them at their nunnery. A goal of the visit was to see if the nuns were excited about ethics in science, and many were interested in contributing and participating in a future research study. The visit and training was led by Dr. Laura Specker Sullivan, who introduced ethics in science, genetics, and reproduction technology, as well as disorders of consciousness. The  participating nuns conducted preliminary interviews with other nuns about their views on ethics in science. This visit also helped the nuns re-imagine their science classroom, and led to the purchase of a new projector, screen and printer for students and teachers.