David Barker

David Barkerdbarker@exploratorium.edu

David Barker has worked at the Exploratorium since 1980, and is a Senior Designer and Art Director of Exploratorium Institutional Media. Having studied physics at the University of California at San Diego, David turned an interest in the relationship between science and perception into a studio art degree from UC Santa Barbara. At the Exploratorium, he has created exhibits exploring visual perception and illusions, including Angel Columns, Talking Face-to-Vase, and other “figure-ground” investigations. David’s exhibits are currently exhibited in many museums around the world. He also works with Exploratorium Exhibit Services to help other museums across the country and around the world with their exhibition conception and design and with the development of marketing materials. David has also helped conceive and develop a partnership with the San Francisco Giants baseball team, including in-stadium demonstrations, give-away materials, video, and exhibits. His work helping develop the Exploratorium Science of Baseball website has won awards for content and design.