Karen Falkenberg

Karen Falkenburgkaren@conceptcats.com

Dr. Karen Falkenberg is a faculty member with the Division of Educational Studies at Emory University, where she carries two appointments: first, as a Lecturer in the Division focusing on science education and special projects; secondly, as the Director of Undergraduate Education Programs for the Center for Behavioral Neuroscience, a National Science Foundation funded Science and Technology Center in its eighth year.

In addition, she is the President of the Education Division of Concept Catalysts, Inc. Concept Catalysts consults internationally with businesses and education organizations. In education, the focus is on innovation and systemic reform in science, mathematics and engineering education where they provide services that include: the development of productive partnerships among parties interested in education reform; research based program conceptualization, planning, and execution; strategy development; and customized, standards based professional development for teachers, teacher leaders and administrators