Leadership Cohorts (2008-2013)

Sager Science Leadership Institute

The leadership program creates enduring indigenous science education leadership by training monks and nuns to be leaders of science education. Hands-on activities, extensive writing, and teaching experiences focus on topics of common interest to both Buddhism and science. These topics include: neuroscience, cosmology, environmental science, and general scientific inquiry.

Leadership Workshops

Professional development workshops led by teams of western educators provide training to groups of future monastic science leaders. The intensive multi-week professional development workshops provide scientific content knowledge, and emphasize educational philosophy and pedagogy that are rich in inquiry.
1st Cohort  2nd Cohort

Leadership Groups

Program participants form local leadership groups within their respective monasteries and nunneries scattered across the exiled Tibetan population in India. The network leadership groups continue their own science learning, and share science with the local monastic and lay community through classes, dialogues, science exhibitions, and published articles. 1st Cohort  2nd Cohort

Western Faculty

Expert science educators and science scholars provide instruction and professional development that engages monastic in science. Western Faculty Page

Leadership Groups of Cohort 2

Manjushree (Jamyang Choeling Nunnery & Nechung Monastery)

Choekyi Lodoe (Zongsar Monastery)

Dehra Dun
Shantideva (Mindroling Monastery)

Shantideva (Sechen Monastery)

Nalanda (Drepung Loseling Monastery)
Snow Land (Drepung Loseling Monastery & Rato Monastery)
Bodhi (Jangchup Choeling Nunnery)
Jantse (Gaden Jantse Monastery)

Hayagriva (Sera Jey Monastery)
Einstein (Sera Mey Monastery & Tashi Lhunpo Monastery)

Satasvati (Gyumed Monastery & Zongka Choede Monastery)

Leadership Groups of Cohort 1

Zhang-Zhung Group (Menri Monastery)

Monk Science Corner (Drepung Monastery)
Nargajuna (Drepung Monastery)
Gaden (Gaden Monastery)
Sakya Pandita (Sakya Monastery)

David’s Chronons (Sera Monastery)