Scientists and Buddhists Discuss Physics, Reality at Three-Day Conference

The Wire

By Vasudevan Mukunth - October 2018

It was on the back of this aspect of Buddhism, at least Tibetan Buddhism, that the ‘Science for Monks’ workshops and conferences have been organized, according to Bryce Johnson, the director of a California-based foundation of the same name and point-person for these events.

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Buddhist Monks Are Learning Science At A ‘Mini Cosmos’ Near Mysore

Outlook Magazine

By Priyadarshini Sin - September, 2018

The science center encourages scholars to take on leadership roles and share their perspectives on topics salient to the intersection of Buddhism and modern science.

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My Earth, My Responsibility

Science & Buddhism on climate change


Climate Change

Sager Science Leadership Institute

Leadership institutes have been organized around batches of cohorts that attend several institutes and take on projects such as making exhibitions, publishing a journal, (more..)

Science Centers

Community spaces dedicated for exploring scientific knowledge, and engaging in inquiry and discourse with scientists. (more..)

Science Leadership for Nuns

Enough nuns in India have now been involved with science to establish an all-nuns leadership program. (more..)


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Science and the Spirit

For many casual observers, the relationship between faith and science is a tense one at best, and an outright hostile one at worst.

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International conference on meditation held at Allahabad University

The group discussed how meditation can be used to study various mental processes and how it can also be used as a tool for the betterment of society…

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What the West Can Learn from the East

Eric Chudler has traveled to India nearly every year since 2011 to teach neuroscience to Tibetan Buddhist monastics through the “Science for Monks” educational program.

New Paltz (SUNNY) News

Education professor brings Writing Project to Tibetan monks

Associate Professor Tom Meyer, who also serves as the director for the Hudson Valley Writing Project, traveled to Dharamsala, India last semester to work with the Science for Monks program…

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Nuns Science Leadership – Launch of 1st Leadership Cohort

We proudly launched our first cohort of nuns science leaders! The inaugural institute (September 3 to 20) saw participation from 33 nuns from 5 different nunneries (Dolmaling, Geden Choeling, Jamyang Choeling, Jamseling, Janchup Choeling).